What We Do In the Community

WLC is a network of educational pursuits aimed to change the way American's perceive and educate young people. One of WLC's endeavors, TeachReggio, is a site dedicated to supporting collaboration among Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool educators. Wildflower also supports community efforts to confront racism and oppression, the refugee crisis in America, and the epidemic of early academic education that is so harmful for our youth. We work with folks who are bringing to life democratic schooling in our area and who work to build a network of support for parents of young children

In February 2017, Shelley Welch (founder and owner of WLC) presented at Duke University's Embodied Learning Summit. Her workshop, entitled An Authentic Lens: How Our Image of Children Can Be a Catalyst for Social Change, addressed the need to view children as competent, full of their own ideas and able to direct their own education. The workshop brought together the ideas of mindfulness, racial oppression and child empowerment.

WLC also sponsors local book gatherings for parents and educators. Our first book was The Danish Way by Jessica Alexander and Iben Sandahl. 

Once a month, we host Sunsets at Wildflower, a family event for local residents. Families bring a picnic dinner and blanket, meet in the Terrace and enjoy dinner with other families, art for the children and storytelling for all.

In February 2017, WLC funded a scholarship for a Burmese refugee to attend the Wildflower Preschool and Kindergarten. The WLC families have rallied around this family, providing transportation, clothing, food, household items and financial support. WLC has also funded a second scholarship to a local family in need. For the 2017/18 school year, Wildflower has offered three year-long scholarships to families.

The Chapel Hill Mothers Club is a local group supporting families with young children and creating a network of activities and information. Shelley serves on the board of the club.

The Red Boot Coalition is a group that meets weekly at the school cottage. WLC provides the space for this group to meet and Shelley is a certified guide. If you are interested in attending RBC meetings to learn about listening, communication and social change, please contact Shelley.

Educators seeking more information should visit The Educators Library, our resource for current research and collaboration. Parents seeking resources to support their journey should visit Books We Love.

Finally, Wildflower encourages local businesses that serve families and young children to reach out to us if you are interested in holding an event at our school facilities. Previously, we have partnered with Tinkergarten to host their May Day Celebration and their Fall Lantern Walk.