Steps to Enroll at Wildflower

We are so happy you are interested in learning more about the Wildflower School. We can't wait to meet you and your child! The first step to join our community is to schedule a tour with Shelley. Our tours are per family rather than large group open houses. We have found this serves our school and prospective parents best. Because we meet with each family individually, we strive to limit our tours to one hour. Shelley is available before and after your tour to answer any questions or address any concerns that come up. We want to ensure that Wildflower is the right match for your family, so we do not typically have a deadline for enrolling. If space is limited, we will let you know during our tour.

To schedule a tour, please click here.


You can review our Parent Handbook here prior to your tour.

If, after touring our school, you would like to move forward with the enrollment process, complete the 2022/23 Wildflower School Enrollment Application

This application is a space for you to ask any additional questions, voice concerns and share more about your family's vision for your child's education. We truly value each family's choices about parenting and educating their children; therefore, it is quite important to us that you feel positive about moving forward with enrollment. We will not be offended or feel our time has been wasted if you choose not to enroll! In fact, we will respect your   thoughtful consideration about what is best for your family. We will be happy that we offered a space for your family to choose wisely!


Take as much time as you need to make a decision and contact us when you have. If we are full, your child can be placed on the wait list at no charge.

Once you decide that you would like to enroll, we will send you an invoice for deposit. Your 2022/23 school year spot will be secured upon payment of  the nonrefundable fee of $500. This fee can be paid all at once or divided into 3 payments. Families pay only one enrollment fee, which covers all children in the family.

We do require families to sign a 10-month contract, so please be thoughtful about your decision.


Please note that we do not enroll morning program students who attend multiple schools in a given school year. We do enroll students in our afternoon pre-k and kindy classes who attend other schools in the morning. Speak with us about providing transportation from another school to Wildflower's campus.