Steps to Enroll

The process for enrollment is:

​Complete the registration form.

Schedule a tour of the school with Shelley. Please ensure that at least one parent/guardian and the enrolling student come along  for the tour.

If, after touring our school, you would like to move forward with the enrollment process, Shelley will provide you with the Wildflower School Enrollment Application. 

This application is a space for you to ask any additional questions, voice concerns and share more about your family's vision for your child's education. We truly value each family's choices about parenting and educating their children; therefore, it is quite important to us that you feel positive about moving forward with enrollment. We will not be offended or feel our time has been wasted if you choose not to enroll! In fact, we will respect your   thoughtful consideration about what is best for your family. We will be happy that we offered a space for your family to choose wisely!


Take as much time as you need to make a decision and contact us when you have. If we are full, your child can be placed on the wait list.

Once you decide that you would like to enroll, we will send you an invoice for deposit or wait list fee payment. Your 2019/20 school year spot will be secured upon payment of  the nonrefundable fee of $500. The wait list fee is $250 and will be applied toward your deposit when a spot opens up for your child. If we offer you a spot and your family decides not to enroll, the wait list fee is nonrefundable.


We do require families to sign a 10-month contract, so please be thoughtful about your decision. If families relocate out of the Orange, Durham, Alamance or Chatham County area, they are not required to adhere to their contract.

Wildflower School receives over 150 registrations each year. We spend a great deal of time communicating and meeting with families, providing tours, answering questions and arranging to meet with families. We view the enrollment process as a significant milestone in a family's life and, as such, we take it seriously. We ask that you do the same.


Families are sometimes tempted to register for multiple schools out of a concern that their child will not get a spot for the upcoming school year. As most of our staff are parents, we can relate to that anxiety. We do, however, sincerely ask that you set that anxiety aside and trust the school search process. Our area has a variety of schooling options and each family's needs are different.


Please start searching for a school early to allow yourself plenty of time to make a thoughtful decision. Please remember: if you register for a space, you have closed that space to any other student. If you choose to withdraw at a later time simply because you registered without being thoughtful and purposeful about your school choice, a family may lose out on their first choice.