Bring Your Gift, Grow You Business, Support The Community

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver


What if you had access to a beautiful, light-filled space on a 16-acre farm nestled into a forest? What could you do with such a space? Offer yoga or pilates classes? Teach art? Gather friends or colleagues? What if this space had over an 1000 square foot central piazza right next to a full kitchen? What would you create in such a space?

Wildflower School is such a space, and we want you to grow your business in our shipping container-constructed building nestled in a grove of pines and hardwoods, surrounded by pastures of alpaca, angora goats, bunnies and donkeys.

Wildflower will begin leasing our 1800 square foot building in October 2019. During non-school hours (typically 1:30pm-8:30pm weekdays and all day Saturday/Sunday), our space is open to community groups, entrepreneurs and other folks looking for a beautiful space to meet or offer a class.


Our 16-acre farm less than two miles from Weaver Street in Carrboro has multiple garden and crop areas, fiber animals, forest hiking trails, a forest playground, a beautiful pond filled with turtles and frogs. Dragonflies make sure the mosquitoes stay away!

We invite entrepreneurs and groups who would like to use our space to grow their business, meet with others and innovate. We love supporting other people in creating their vision in the world. We love creating community.


What is Belle Vie Farm all about and what is our vision?

One of Belle Vie Farm's goals is to support community members in their desire to give to others. We offer our space for you to create a community-building activity, class, workshop or event. We are small and want to stay that way. We don't offer space for a hundred people (65 folks is our indoor limit). We offer intimate spaces for connecting with others through learning, potlucking, caring for nature and animals, sharing our gifts, hiking in the forest, doing yoga (maybe with baby goats!), meditating and more.


What We Are Not

An expensive and exclusive Saturday outing for the family, a boutique farm, a giant farm trying to meet the needs of huge amounts of folks at once.

Where Can You Fit In

What do you want to offer the world or community? What gift do you have to share? What time do you have to give that will uplift, rather than burden, you? Would you need childcare to offer this gift? Do you want to work with children, adults, families, animals, nature or gardens? 

How To Get Involved

Currently, we are planning for October 2019 programming. If you are interested in connecting with Belle View Farm, please email with some general details of what you might like to do and how you would like to use our space. 


Wildflower Community is so happy to embark on this journey of owning our own space and enjoying all of the freedom that ownership allows! We hope you will join us in creating a new community gathering place in our area.