2022/23 School Year Calendar

August 22-August 26                 Teacher Workweek

August 25 (6pm-8pm)               Parent Orientation Evening All Classes (at least one parent is required to attend)

August 29                                     Student Orientation Day (1/2 day)

August 30                                    Teacher Prep Day - School Closed

August 31                                     First full day of school

September 5                                Labor Day (school closed)

September 13 (8-9am)              Family Breakfast

September 29 (8-9am)              Family Breakfast

October 5                                      Teacher Workday – No School

October 8                                     Beeswax Candle Dipping & Potluck

October 18 (8-9am)                   Family Breakfast

October 22 (7:00-8:30pm)      Parent Collaboration

November 2 (8-9am)                 Family Breakfast

November 11                                Fall Parent Teacher Collaboration Meetings All Classes (school closed)

November 16 (7-9pm)               Faculty Training

November 21 (12-2pm)             Thanksgiving Family Potluck

November 23-25                         Thanksgiving Break (school closed)

December 6 (7:00-8:30pm)     Parent Collaboration

December 14 (6:30-9:30pm)    Staff Celebration

December 19 - January 30        Winter Break (two weeks)

January 12 (8-9am)                    Family Breakfast

February 6 (8-9am)                    Family Breakfast

February 13                                  Teacher Workday – No School

February 24 (8-9am)                  Family Breakfast

February 23 (6:00-7:30pm)     Parent Collaboration

March 31                                       Spring Parent Teacher Collaboration Meetings All Classes (school closed)

April 3-7                                        Spring Break (Teachers return to work April 7 8:30am for workday)

April 15 (7:00-8:30pm)             Parent Collaboration

April 21                                         Spring Parent Teacher Collaboration Meetings All Classes (school closed)

June 19                                         Last Day of School

June 29-August 21                     Belle Vie Farm Summer Camp

Wildflower reserves the right to amend the school calendar as needed throughout the school year. If you are a current Wildflower family, DO NOT use this calendar as it may not be updated. Always use the calendar on Storypark to plan.